A Cordless Phone That Plays Nice With Wireless Phones [telecom]

A Cordless Phone That Plays Nice With Wireless Phones


You can go without a land line and just use your smartphone. People do it all the time.

It didn't work for me. I tried - really - but the my house and AT&T's wireless signal were like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton: a paroxysm of affection, only to then pull away in bitterness, ultimately separating for good.

So it came time to return to the world of the land line. And while I was out gallivanting with my smartphone, some interesting developments were happening in old-style telephony, it turns out.

The most intriguing of which is Panasonic's Link-to-Cell feature, found on some of its cordless handsets. Link-to-Cell allows your cordless phone to answer calls placed to your mobile phone. If someone dials your mobile when you are at home, all the handsets in the house will ring and you can answer the call from any of them. The feature uses Bluetooth to establish a wireless connection between up to two mobiles and however many compatible cordless handsets you have.


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But if you're in a wireless dead zone, as mentioned in the second paragraph, this won't work. What's needed for that is to forward your wireless phone number to your land number. But that's not how this system seems to work -- the article says it's using Bluetooth to forward the signal from the wireless handset to the cordless base station.

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