digital phone compatibility question

Hello, newbie here big time...I work on a cruise ship that employs the
Siemens HiCom telcom system; all the handsets on the ship are digital,
corded phones...what I want to do is just "hook up" a cordless phone
to the line in our cabin, but of course the analog machine I have now
does not there a cordless digital (not just DECT) phone out
there that I can purchase and simply plug in to the jack in our cabin,
without having to contact the network administrator? He wouldn't be
too accomodating with my desire to have a cordless phone in the cabin;
it's just how ships are...thanks a million if anyone might have any
info about this...Aaron
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The thing about digital phone systems is that they are all proprietary, you'll rarely find anything standard between any of them.
So, you will be looking to buy something Siemens makes that is specificly made to be part of that phone system. This won't be an off the shelf item found just anywhere, but probably bought used from a phone reseller that deals with Siemens gear, or direct through a Siemens phone dealer.
I don't know anything about that particular system, but googling 'Siemens hicom cordless phone' gives quite a few hits. As if they are compatible with this system, thats for you to research..
I know Panasonic and Inter-Tel both have cordless phone options for their digital phone systems.
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