Cordless Phone Answerers - Unfair Business Practices?

I have an AT&T chordless phone with digital answering system : Model #
5635. It has been serving me very well. However it does exhibit some
signs of wear and tear. I am very eager to buy another phone that has
the feature of this model which lets me listen to the caller's message
- on the handset, in another room - while it is being recorded. As far
as I know none of the manufacturers' phones have this feature any more
(incl. AT&T)
Even those manufacturers refuse to have this feature that are not Phone
Service Providers. This phenomenom coincides with the introduction of
Caller ID Services - for a monthly fee.
If anyone knows of a phone with this feature, please let me know.
If you can recommend a forum to turn to with my frustration, please let
me know that too.
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Check out the Uniden TRU 8885. It has a feature called "Call Screen" that does what you want. You can download the manual from their web site to see how the feature works.
After having it for about a month, there are only a couple of things I don't like about this product. The first is that the answering machine only has 12 minutes capacity. The other is that, unlike my old AT&T system, it displays the Caller-ID name as sent by the phone company even if there is an entry in the phone's phonebook. That feature was handy when someone called from a cell phone of a company (like Verizon) that doesn't send a useful caller name.
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Damon Brownd
I bought the UNIDEN TRU8885-2 model and it fits the bill. I have had it for two days only. I can understand your enthusiasm for the set. The call screening is vastly superior to the Caller ID feature -- without even considering the "cost" (free as opposed to the CID service) Didn't David Packard write a book about the milking of the American public?
Thank You Damond Brownd, thank you. George
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