Call logging

Can POTS customers obtain a log of the numbers that
call their number? I get several calls a day that are
clearly robotic. If my provider (Sonic Telecom) could
be asked for a log I could perhaps use that as the
basis for a complaint to the PUC (or maybe FCC?).
I'm asking here first to learn the right language for
the request. I'm not sure Sonic will be cooperative.
Thanks for reading,
bob prohaska
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bob prohaska
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Am Montag, 05. September 2022, um 02:20:03 Uhr schrieb bob prohaska:
If the other end of the line is also POTS or ISDN (very unlikely), it is possible to find it.
Mostly it is VoIP, so they need to check from which IP address that call comes. It if very easy to forge the number being displayed, so don't assume that the owner of that number is calling you without a proof.
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