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Had a good one yesterday. Customer complains of Internet dropping several times a week over last 6 months, and having to reset router, but now dead for two days. Voice lines on same T1 never had a problem. Firewall router changed twice. Telco (XO) says not their problem.Customer mad, IT guys scared to go back. So they send old phone guy to look at cabling (again), heat (shares closet with large water heater), rat droppings etc. Laptop on channel bank with static IP address has no connection. Persuaded Telco to work with me instead of just opening a trouble ticket. Find IP address had been blocked by Telco because it had been used (by others) for spamming. Never told customer of course. Used next issued IP address and we are good to go. Now wondering about intermittent problem showing up again.

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How sure are you that the spammers were coming from another place? You could have a machine (or machines...) at your customers that have been zombied, and tht are sending out spam.

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danny burstein

sounds like your typical phone/data closet. how many mops brooms and vaccums do you have to move before you can get to the equipment? is there maybe some electical device that comes on giving you problems. I am thinking more along rf related then power related.

I had a customer plug his water cooler into a power strip that was on a ups running phone system. water cooler would kick on eventually ups would die knocking out his phone system. I find it iteresting carrier just shutting them down also. maybe that procedure is automated. or maybe they are only carrier in town?

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