ALOHA - Probability of Collision

Hello, How do you determine the probability of collision for ALOHA and slotted ALOHA (the stations are on a baseband bus).

I have the data rate, distance between stations, and frame length but I am not sure how to determine the probability of collision.


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Spring break must be over.....time for take home exams :-(

Why don't you tell us what you've tried so far ?

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Justa Lurker

Spring break was over a long time ago and I wish I had some take home exams... Actually this is a question out of a William Stallings book called "Local and Metropolitan Area Networks" (the worst book ever in my opinion) Anyone who has looked at this book can confirm that the author does not give any detailed explanation or any formulas at all and I have never dealt with this stuff before...

The explanation about ALOHA is about a page long, there is no mention at all about any formulas or how to even come close to being able to construct a formula...that is why I am lost.

I have searched the web and I have found many explanations about what ALOHA and Slotted ALOHA is but I am not sure what formula I am looking for..

I dont know if this is what I need:

ALOHA: S = Ge^2G SLOTTED ALOHA = Ge^G where G is the data transfer rate

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I think I got:

Its 1 - e ^ Gt Where G is the data rate and t is the transmission time

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