Phone company support ?

Who in the phone company would I call if I needed a binding post number, or this is probably reaching, throw a tone on a line.

Had a hell of a time tracing a shorted Dmark extension in a commercial building. the extension was spliced from a 4 pair to cross connect into a rats nest and the short wouldn't allow a tone ?

In South Jersey if that matters


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These days at Verizon, I'd call Dial-a-Prayer if you need any help.

Bunch of regulated thugs......

(Not the craftspeople for the most part of course, but rather the MBAs and lawyers running the place).

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Justa Lurker

Did you try running your tone one side grounded?

That is, connect one side of the buzzer to a ground and the other side to one (or both) of your pairs.

The tone will be loud as hell, and you may even have it bleed over to adjacent pairs but at least it will point you in the right direction.

That was a trick shown to me many years ago by an old cable splicer. 8-)

And even if they did throw tone on the line, you still wouldn't hear it anyway, the pair was shunted. 8-(


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John P. Dearing

AFAIK, that information is specific to your LEC, which you didn't specify.

When you have that kind of tone problem, ground one of the tone gen's clips and put the other clip on one of the conductors. That should make it a lot easier to trace.

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Watson A.Name - "Watt Sun, th



Split a pair. Put tone ACROSS 2 pairs. You'll get bleeding as well, but you can narrow it down to those two. I use this on CAT-5; it's very hard to tone-out a CAT-5 pair...

Of course, try and find a not-in-use pair rather than Grandma's line...

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David Lesher

Was the D-mark extended by the phone company? If it is their D-mark then they should be responsible for making it work at no charge to you. We work closely with the special service tech's in our area. I actually have their direct #'s. Basically the dial a prayer option is about right. All you can do is call in the trouble ticket and if you're there when the tech show's you could help him out.

The cable counts are telco proprietary information in my area and they aren't supposed to provide that info, but like I said I've had beers with my tech's so it's kind of a back door:-)

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A couple hints.

"D-mark" is really demarc(ation point).

"Show's" does not have an apostrophe. Last time I checked, "tech's" is not possessive and should not need one either.

And yes, I _am_ the apostrophe police. :-)

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Watson A.Name - "Watt Sun, th

I got lucky a couple years ago and managed to score some VP contact info for Verizon. I use it judiciously.

Verizon gets very pissed when a customer ID's a pair on a termination block. But hey, they weren't working to fix the problem so I fixed it for myself.

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Tony P.

An "extended demark" is still the responsibility of the customer. The RDP rules don't change depending on who did the work. Telco will warranty the work for a certain period of time but not forever and for always.

I have some customers that are under the mistaken impression that because I (as an employee of the Telco) extended the demark for them when the circuit was installed that it now has a lifetime warranty. Takes a while to explain that to them but eventually they get the idea. Most even still want to have the repairs done, even if there is a bill since we're actually pretty reasonable compared to some of the wiring companies around for minor repair work. We get expensive if the repairs are extensive but if the jobs is a quick "in and out" it's not too bad and there's also the fact that we're already on-site and have determined exactly what the problem is.

Work done past the RDP (Rate Demarcation Point) is deregulated work (since at least 1984) and as such can be done by anyone, including the telco on time and material basis or subject to monthly maintenance plan agreements.

It never hurts to be friendly. 8-)


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John P. Dearing

I have a grandfathered demarc on the 2nd floor. It's my [possibly wrong] belief that it is the legal one. I have had fights wth line adds to it; but they are all resolved in my favor...eventually.

Indeed; the local test board used to get a 24 pack every Crimmus from yours truly.

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