NPA 909 & overlay trends. [telecom]

Local press is reporting on the upcoming NPA 909 overlay.

Looking at it's interesting to note:

a) Splits have effectively ceased; the last one was in 2007.

b) Overlays are the new normal.

c) More than one overlay, such as 564, are undoing splits. It will overlay 206, 253, and 425.

I'm not surprised. Splits only advantage was the muting the "But we'll have to dial TEN digits" hysteria. Splits started before cell phone predominance in the public eye. Now, the vast majority of cell phones require 10D. (Dr. Levine's locale is a notable exception.) So virtually everyone is accustomed to 10D and no longer gets upset.

The real advantage is when the split/overlay area needs a second one. Each split gets politically & technically harder. But a 2nd overlay, such as 410/443 adding 667, is a non-event.

Then there are the ugly messes, such as Florida, with a partial overlay (321), a noncontiguous one (386), and enough pieces for a jigsaw, and there's LA/Chicago downtowns. Maybe future overlays will undo such splits.

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