Wiring Two Lines on One Jack


I would like to wire one jack for two lines. Here is the setup of the wires after opening the jack.

The red screw terminal has two blue and 1 orange wires connected to it. The green screw terminal has 2 white/blue and 1 white/orange wire connected to it. I'm just curious as to why there are 3 wires connected per terminal.

The yellow an black screw terminals are not connected to any wires. Now what should I do to be able to access a second line?

Thank you!

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Red/green is traditionally one pair; and yellow/black is traditionally the second pair. You want to use the unused yellow/black screw terminals for your second line. Can you tell us more about the _type of phone instrument_ currently in use on your (I presume) working single line? With no other knowledge it is difficult to answer your question; was this/is this part of a business phone arrangment? Does the pair which is 'wired' at present go to a working instrument? PAT]
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