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> I would like to wire one jack for two lines. Here is the setup of the > wires after opening the jack. > The red screw terminal has two blue and 1 orange wires connected to > it. The green screw terminal has 2 white/blue and 1 white/orange wire > connected to it. I'm just curious as to why there are 3 wires > connected per terminal.

Because your wiring is a 'spider web'.

The 3 pairs of wires go to three different places.

Two of them go to other jacks, or where other jacks 'used to be'.

The other pair goes "towards" where the phone line comes into your house. Maybe 'directly", or may to another jack that is 'closer' to the entry-point.

The yellow an black screw terminals are not connected to any > wires. Now what should I do to be able to access a second line?

You need another pair of wires from the telco entry-point (or wherever the 2nd line originates) to that jack. connected to the black/yellow terminals.

Of course, this implies that you _have_ a "second line", from the telephone company, or 'somebody else' (e.g. a VoIP provider).

Then, obviously, you have to have a "two line capable" telephone instrument, or some sort of a 'switch' (as in a simple mechanical "DPDT" device) between the phone and the wall jack.

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