Vonage Outage Last Thursday, was: Vonage

> They definitely have some problems in different parts of the country

>> but my service in the northeast has been rock solid. I wonder -- I >> know I'm on a Paetec switch so is it a Focal issue? > No, my service which became unsuably bad was switched by Paetec, too.

A bunch of people have grumbled about problems last week. It turns out there was a Vonage system outage.

FYI, quoting from an AP dispatch:

"Vonage ... suffered an outage that left about half of its 500,000 subscribers without phone service for about 45 minutes.

"The outage was caused by a glitch with a software upgrade Thursday night, said Brooke Schulz, a spokeswoman for Vonage Holdings Corp.

"The problem struck at about 2:45 p.m. EST, and Vonage stabilized the network with a software patch within an hour...

"Vonage said about 50% of all inbound and outbound traffic was affected by Friday's disruption.

To which I'd only add, "big deal. yawn." Unlike all the whiners who, for some reason, love to point out each and every hiccup the alternates run into.

(Although it will be of interest to see who, if anyone, in the VonagePSTN chain files the FCC reports.)

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