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FYI, quoting from an AP dispatch:

> "Vonage ... suffered an outage that left about half of its 500,000 > subscribers without phone service for about 45 minutes. > "The outage was caused by a glitch with a software upgrade Thursday > night, said Brooke Schulz, a spokeswoman for Vonage Holdings Corp. > "The problem struck at about 2:45 p.m. EST, and Vonage stabilized the > network with a software patch within an hour...

Unfortunately, the actualy duration of the problem was several hours; Vonage is, quite simply, lying. And the problem recurred on two successive days.

If Vonage were a regulated entity -- which it's gone to great lengths to not be -- there would be significant penalties not just for this sort of service failure (note that Vonage hasn't exactly contacted its customers and offered to refund any of their money for the time that their phones were out of service) -- but also for lying about it.

If Vonage isn't going to be a regulated entity, fine. But in that case it is just totally inappropriate for them to turn around and use a complaisant FCC board as a stick to beat _other_ unregulated entities with when they happen to do things that Vonage finds inconvenient.

We can argue about whether or not telecom regulation is a good thing. But "just however much regulation Vonage likes, whenever Vonage happens to like it", I think, is unquestionably a bad thing.

Thor Lancelot Simon

"The inconsistency is startling, though admittedly, if consistency is to be abandoned or transcended, there is no problem." - Noam Chomsky

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