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DevilsPGD wrote about Re: Vonage Outage Last Thursday on Wed, 09 Mar 2005 17:34:23 -0700

Personally, I do most of the maintenance work on my servers during > "peak hours" > Why? Well, two reasons: > 1) My system is redundant enough that users don't notice the outage. > 2) If something blows up and I need assistance (usually in the form of

a hardware failure in a remote data center),

I can get that support during the day. At night it's hit and miss.

A) We're talking about carriers here ... not internal support for a company.

B) From a corporate/institutional standpoint, for a scheduled upgrade, I always, and I mean always, have all my ducks in a row with the vendor such that I've never, in 23 years in this business, had a problem getting immediate vendor support, even at 4:00 AM; it's called extremely good planning.

Randy Hayes

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