Verizon Wireless announces the iPhone Fork [telecom]

Yes, that is what I intended to type. As everyone here is well aware, starting February 2011 the iPhone will be available on the Verizon Wireless network in the US.

Something from this article

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me thinking.

"Relying on Verizon's older 3G CDMA network, instead of its fledgling

4G LTE network, means Verizon's iPhone will have a few shortcomings. Most glaringly: Customers wouldn't be able to chat on the phone and surf the Web simultaneously, as they can on AT&T's iPhone."

My first question is how different is the iPhone sold in the US from the iPhone sold in other countries? Maybe this is an issue Apple already faces, but given that AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless use different and constantly evolving technologies that neither the phones nor the user experiences will be constant across carriers and there will always be a slight divergence. There are already rumors circulating that after six months Apple will be able to offer the iPhone to T-Mobile and Sprint/Nextel. That would add to the mix.

Today handset manufacturers give their phones slightly different names depending on the carrier. A good example is the Samsung Galaxy S. The big four wireless companies carry it under different names. Now we have two and possibly four different iPhones. I'm curious how Apple is going to differentiate them.

And on a side topic, I've put on my hip waders to prepare for the onslaught of ads from T and VZW over who has the better iPhone.


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John Mayson
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Maybe I'm obtuse, but I don't get what you're getting at. Anyway...

"4G" networks have barely been deployed so that's really not a big deal. Apple didn't deploy an iPhone with 3G the first year because AT&T's network didn't have enough places where it was deployed that it would be an advantage with the iPhone. Same goes with the LTE flavor of 4G. Perhaps when the next iteration of iPhone appears in June for the GSM version it will have LTE but I'm guessing not.

The iPhone as it's now manufactured is the same wherever it's being deployed as far as I know the only difference being that wall chargers will have the relevant plug type for the countries where it's sold e.g. flat bladed parallel for North America, round pin for Europe and the middle east and the three lugged "chunky" plug for the UK and other countries that use that style of plug (and other variations.)

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