Verizon Rates in NYS Going Up

As foretold by that scribe in, VZ is rushing to take advantage of the new NYS PSC unregulating ...

Excerpted from an advert in the NY Times (Fri 26-May, p. D5)

Dial tone monthly access rate: residential current: $ 8.61, new: $ 9.85 business: $18.24 new: $19.79

(Plus, of course, all the various fees and surcharges and taxes and kickbacks.)

Oh, business local per minute of additional use: $ 0.013 new: $ 0.016

(that means an increase from 1.3 cents/minute to 1.6 cents)

And ... "Certain isdn-basic service monthly rates" (no amount listed).

Plenty of other increases as well.

More info at:

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Click to the NY map, then "pending projects".

(hmm ... anyone up to looking through all the other states?)

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