Verizon confirms unlimited iPhone data plans no longer offered come Thursday [telecom]

Verizon confirms unlimited iPhone data plans no longer offered come Thursday

By Neil Hughes

Starting Thursday, new smartphone customers with Verizon Wireless, including those who buy an iPhone, will no longer be able to purchase the carrier's unlimited data plan, AppleInsider has confirmed.

This Thursday, July 7, is when Verizon will begin offering its "usage-based" billing for mobile customers, spokeswoman Debra Lewis said. The change will not affect current smartphone customers of Verizon.

In addition, current smartphone customers who are upgrade-eligible will be allowed to move to another smartphone and retain their plan. But new customers or current customers who do not have a smartphone plan will only be able to buy a "usage-based" plan, Lewis told AppleInsider on Tuesday.


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Monty Solomon
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Proves once again, how fragile the wireless data system is.

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Sam Spade

I don't know if this is related.

I'm with AT&T Mobility and was always puzzled by the AT&T hate. I've always had great speeds, good call quality, and no dropped calls. I've recently visited New England and the Atlanta areas with my phone and it was HORRIBLE. I had EDGE speed most of the time and missed calls (they just never came through). The sort of issues I've had with other providers in the Austin area.

I'm still confused how I can have so much better service in a hilly/mountainous country like Malaysia for half the price. Maybe fewer people using the bandwidth? If they can do it, why can't we?


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John Mayson

Frankly, these two paragraphs seem to be in conflict with one another. First you ask why people hate AT&T and other US providers so much. Then you ask why the service abroad is so much better and cheaper. May I suggest that there is a connection between these two things?


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