[telecom] Who Owns Your Digital Life?

Who Owns Your Digital Life?

Online privacy changes and Instagram. Who owns your digital life?

On Point with Tom Ashbrook December 20, 2012

Wild uproar this week in the world of Instagram - the digital photo-sharing app that's had a hundred million users flooding smartphones with snapshots of their breakfast, their kids, their boyfriend's new haircut. On Monday, Instagram - the overnight sensation that Facebook bought for a billion dollars - announced a change in terms of service.

And it looked like they were going to let advertisers slap your photos into any ad they wanted. Like they owned your face. Your kid's. Your photo life. Insta-world went nuts.

This hour, On Point: the Instagram uproar, and who owns your digital life.

-Tom Ashbrook


Alexis Madrigal, senior editor at The Atlantic, where he oversees the Technology channel.

Justin Brookman, director for Center for Democracy and Technology's Project on Consumer Privacy.

Richard Koci Hernandez, an Emmy-winning photographer and assistant professor at the Berkeley School of Journalism.

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