[telecom] wherefore/whencefore Central Office outage reports

We just had a central office outage - which wasn't storm related -, that knocked out tens of thousands of lines, both wired _and_ the cellular network. Oh, and DSL. And lots of cascading issues.

Including clobbering a 911 PSAP.

Took 15 or so hours to restore. [a]

Anyway... could someone point me to what reports (if any...) the ILEC and other groups - such as the cellcos - are supposed to make in these deregulated days and where I could either view them or make FOIL requests?

- I realize there might be a bit of a time lag, but I'd like to start the process.


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danny burstein said, in Message-ID:

The FCC's Outage Reporting System is described in Part 4 of the FCC's rules, viewable at e-CFR,

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picking Tile 47 and then Part 4. (Good luck finding anything about it on the FCC web site.) However, I can tell you that you will almost certainly get nowhere, because the outage reports are deemed confidential and exempt from FOIA disclosure.

There may be state reporting systems as well as the FCC.

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