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I've been asked for help by a veteran who worked in military central offices for many years. He's looking for hard data on the noise levels found in military central offices, and I told him I'd spread the word.

His name is Frank Julian, and he has applied for compensation for hearing loss, so I'm sure he'd appreciate help from other veterans who have suffered hearing loss from CO environments.

Here's his info:

Frank Julian frank.julian01 "at" gmail.com


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Didn't they have ear plugs back in the day? Back in the 1970s I worked in the canneries and wore ear plugs to keep my ears safe. I'd think that a person has at least some responsibility in protecting themselves against hostile environments.

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You are assuming that soldiers have the world-view of civilians, and that's just not true: it never was, and it never will be true. It can't be. Soldiers face the responsibility of protecting themselves against hostile environments by preparing their minds and bodies to kill the hostiles, and the mental discipline which is essential to becoming a soldier colors soldiers' and veterans' tolerance for risk forever.

they leave the service, the military hammers a message into the frontal lobes of every recruit, : "You are immortal! You are courageous and fearless! All your relatives and friends envy you!" It's how old soldiers are able to make young ones sacrifice their free will, their humanity, and their lives in furtherance of goals that only politicians can understand and only soldiers can achieve: you don't get to turn that off like it's an assembly line. In addition, the weight of tradition impedes progress in all aspects of military life: it's easier to train the recruits to "Call out your numbers loud and strong" than it is to provide hearing protection.

We owe veterans the compensation which they're entitled to, because they gave up the right to complain about the noise or to complain about the food or to complain about the danger, and accepted the need to sacrifice their individuality, and even their instincts for self-preservation, in order to learn how to slay our nations' enemies.

If you think that I'm not making sense, just imagine that in your cannery, every One Hundred Thousand cans or so, one of them would explode and kill every cannery worker within twenty meters. Imagine that you couldn't change that number, that you couldn't reduce the risk, and that you couldn't quit the job. _Now_ how much are you worried about your hearing?

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