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Here is another Youtube film, this one from 1957 about the Independent Telephone Companies (those not part of the Bell System). The basic story of the film is the cutover of a central office to improved equipment. However, the film describes the Independent telephone companies and their equipment suppliers (AE, Kellogg, S-C, North, etc).

As other films of that era, the film is quite folksy and virtuous, with the sonorous yet friendly narrator and characters. It mentions "free enterprise" several times, as well as "honest social values". We're introduced to the dedicated employees of the local telephone company of various units. We also meet the three generations of the founding family; who all are participating in the cutover, even the semi-retired beloved "old man". (The film makes a point that the company workforce is multi-generational.) The film stresses how the telephone company is a key part of the community, including its relationship with local banks for financing.

The film has a light moment with a teenager sprawled out talking on her Princess phone, phonograph in the background.

While Youtube has many old Bell System films (as does the AT&T archives website), there are very few on Automatic Electric or General Telephone.

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In viewing this film, I can't help but think about the numerous posts in this newsgroup we have today about modern telephone companies failing to provide service, and telling off regulators and government officials. It is a very different world than depicted in the film, or old Bell System films.

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