[telecom] timely joke

Is a bit of levity in order in these hallowed halls these days?

After a busy day, a commuter settled down in her seat for a snooze on the train ride home to Mt. Kisco from downtown Manhattan.

The guy sitting next to her pulled out his cell phone and started talking in a loud voice: "Hi sweetheart, it's Eric. I'm on the train -- yes, I know, it's the six thirty, not the four thirty, but I had a long meeting -- no, honey, not with that floozie from the accounts office, with the boss. No sweetheart, you're the only one in my life -- yes, I'm sure, cross my heart," etc., etc. Fifteen minutes later he was still talking loudly, so the young woman sitting next to him, unable to pull off that little snooze, retaliated with a stage whisper loud enough to carry through to the other end of the cell phone conversation: "Hey, Eric, sweetie, turn off that stupid phone and come back to bed!" S'pose Eric thinks twice now before using his cellphone in public any more?

Cheers, -- tlvp

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In article you write:

Gee, when people sent this around last week, she was on the train home to Hudson from Montreal.

R's, John

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John Levine

Eric, John, Peter, or whatever his name is, probably doesn't really exist

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