[Telecom] New Farnsworth Play

I hear there's a new biographical play about radio and TV pioneer Philo T. Farnsworth currently in previews on Broadway.

I know this is only peripherally-related to Telecom, but many telecom readers are also interested in radio.

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And if you ever happen to get to Rigby, Idaho, stop at the City Museum and see the Farnsworth exhibit. Turns out that Rigby was the birthplace of our pal Philo and they have a lot of his early work, including photos of him and his high school science teacher who encouraged him to pursue his ideas. (Rigby is just north of Idaho Falls - surely you can find THAT on a map!)

(Also, Rigby is not so far from Yellowstone National Park, which might be a bigger draw than Rigby although Yellowstone only has a bunch of natural stuff - Geyser's, Bear, Bison, Elk, Antelope and stuff like that. But no TVs or anything!)


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