[telecom] MIT hacked again, URLs redirected

MIT hacked again, URLs redirected

By Joanna Kao January 22, 2013 The Tech

MIT was hacked on Tuesday around noon, with MIT URLs redirecting to a webpage claiming credit for the attack in remembrance of Aaron Swartz.

As a result of the hack, people who visited tried to reach MIT over the Internet were redirected to the hacked Web page pictured here:

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The hack affected all names under mit.edu, including web.mit.edu, tech.mit.edu, etc.

The hack and subsequent outages were due to a compromise at EDUCAUSE, the registrar that provides information on all .EDU names. A registrar, which allows users to purchase domain names, also specifies the domain name system (DNS) servers for a domain, which convert domain names to IP addresses - needed to actually load the page.


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