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I'm sorry, but I don't have sympathy for your position. In another > post in this digest issue, we learn that the phone company is losing > money. Accordingly, I don't see any "rights" for non customers. > Tell your carrier to publish a phone book. Or tell your carrier to > provide Directory Assistance operators 24/7 with good salaries and > benefits. Obviously it would be too costly for your carrier to do so, > which is how your carrier is giving you a break on price.

Monopoly power -- the advantage that comes from a very large market share, not necessarily an absolute 100% monopoly -- carries certain responsibilities. FCC regulations reflect this. White pages are a regulated natural monopoly -- anyone can publish one, but only one gets enough readers to count. You don't know what phone company the person you're calling uses, so you can't be expected to pick that company's directory. This is obvious to anyone who's not a total ILEC apologist.

> I will write a letter to the Georgia Public Service Commission >> requesting assistance in getting this matter cleared up if they do not >> have a resolution for me in the next few days. > As I understand it, directory publishing is not a regulated service.

Once again, Lisa's wrong. FCC regulations, section 51.217(c)(3):

(i) ... A LEC shall accept the listings of those customers served by competing providers for inclusion in its directory assistance/operator services databases.

(ii) Access to directory listings. A LEC that compiles directory listings shall share directory listings with competing providers in the manner specified by the competing provider, including readily accessible tape or electronic formats ...

The whole rule is rather more detailed, of course.

A CLEC generally uses the LSR (local service request, a standard online form) process to submit directory listings, or uses the electronic bonding capabilities of the ILEC database.

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