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Lisa Minter has begun working on a project to syndicate telecom news around the net using RSS. Unlike Usenet, RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) is a spam/scam free method of circulating news. Ever since the section of our web site called 'Telecom Digest Extra' got started, I have been the recipient of this new method of syndication, as you may have noticed if you read the daily features in

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. You may have noticed the many news items we now have, including NY Times, Reuters, Associated Press, United Press International, Christian Science Monitor, tech news, and many other sources, hundreds of news items from dozens of sources each day, but in our instance, with an emphasis on telecom news. And of course, in the spirit of the net, RSS news feeds are free for the taking and using at your own site.

Now the RSS people have asked, 'Why not have TELECOM as one of the features for syndication?' Well, why not? Both Google Groups and Yahoo Groups offer .xml type feeds, and one of my heros and geniuses is working hard to develop an .xml feed for the Digest, but in the interim I am using the Google Groups .xml comp.dcom.telecom feed to get things started (until his work is completed). You can examine this new-style RSS syndication feed at

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you can either cut and paste the script to use it in your own RSS reader, or you can go to one of the feed outputs we support to see this spam/scam-free style of reading the news (and of course you can still continue to read news/blogs/etc of interest via our
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pages as well.) I will continue to send the feed to Usenet comp.dcom.telecom as before, even though it is an older, obsolete and often-times spam-ridden way of circulating the news, and probably I will continue to feed Usenet until the time comes that it dies under the weight of so much spam and obnoxious junk. For now am relying on the usenet group (via Google Groups and Yahoo Groups) to feed the new RSS thing.

If you like it, feel free to use it regularly.

Patrick Townson

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