Street payphones in NYC to be removed [telecom]

ABC News reported that street corner pay telephones will be removed in New York City. This includes four phone booths.

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Here is a 1951 Bell System ad showing military personnel using pay phones.

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The booths are notable in that they had all the features of full-service phone booths. Note the:

1) seat 2) table 3) light 4) ventilator fan 5) door

All of these contributed toward the comfort and convenience of the user--the table was very useful for taking notes during a call. The closable door allowed privacy and elimination of outside noise.

I think of those features when I must use my cellphone in a public place, or, when others are using their cellphones and I have to listen to a shouting voice and a private conversation.

As an aside, the large pay phone installations, such as in a major train station or military base, had an attendant to help place calls, provide out of town directories, and make change.

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