Somerville woman says she lost job because of iPhone glitch [telecom]

Somerville woman says she lost job because of iPhone glitch

By Katherine Landergan, Globe Correspondent January 6, 2011

A Somerville woman says she lost her job as a server at a restaurant because of an iPhone glitch on New Year's Day-- and she's sent her complaint all the way to the top.

Lindsay Garvey, 28, wrote a letter to Apple Inc. chief executive Steve Jobs, complaining that her smartphone's alarm didn't go off on New Year's morning, making her late for work at Foundry on Elm, a restaurant in Somerville.

"Upon my termination, I was told that I was wonderful, but that my tardiness was unfair to the other employees," she wrote. "So, Mr. Jobs, I'd like to let you know that you have officially, directly contributed to unemployment in 2011."

Garvey said she worked until 4 a.m. on New Year's, and was scheduled for a noon shift later that same day. She had no reason to think the alarm would fail to go off, as it never has since she bought the phone in September 2009. It was not until Sunday morning when her alarm didn't work a second time, that Garvey thought there might be a glitch.

She then sent the e-mail to Jobs, which Garvey said was just a way for her to vent.


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Monty Solomon
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And I've been late for appointments because the power has gone off overnight and my digital alarm clock didn't go off at the appropriate time

- but I never made a fuss because ALL technology has limitations and should not be relied on.

The world is increasingly inhabited by people who have some bizarre expectation that all their technology will always be there operating as they expect, and if not then they will COMPLAIN!

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