Re: Why There Are Questions About GoDaddy

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Seems like an awfully convoluted way

> of running your business, IMO.

Well, professional criminals tend to have to do things in convoluted ways if they want to avoid getting caught. This goes for all type of criminals, from hitmen to conmen to spammers.

So my response would be to kill the domain name of the server, chop > off the registrar's head, and burn down the company hosting the > server.

YES! Easy enough for the first two steps, but burning down the company hosting the server will require a visa to get into Russia, China, or some other country where US laws generally don't stick.

Fair enough? As one writer here yesterday pointed out, the ISPs > could cure a huge amount of the problem (but I would say give the > registrars some part of the job also) if they gave a Good God Damn, > which many of them do not, such as MCI. And don't forget, MCI uses > their employee Vint Cerf as their front man/mouthpiece with ICANN, > truly God's Gift to Netters everywhere.

Agreed. ISP's do NOT do anywhere NEAR enough to ensure they don't have spammers on their networks. However in all fairness it is not always easy for them to catch. Especially for tier one providers such as MCI.

And the small business people who run local ISP operations who _do_ > care and _do_ attempt to check out new customers are treated like > imbeciles, the same as your Esteemed Moderator. PAT]

Who treats local ISPs that do care like imbeciles? Did I miss something here?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Exactly how do you define a 'tier one provider'? What makes 'tier one' different than 'tier two' or 'tier three' for example? Is it the amount of money a provider has to spend on connectivity and bandwidth? If that is the case, then why don't some of the 'tier one' providers spend at least a little money on customer service and investigations, etc? An imbecile is anyone who dares to suggest to the old-school netters that things _could_ and _should_ be better regards spam/scam, and refuses to listen to the old-school guys as they rationalize why it is impossible. To make yourself politically incorrect around here, suggest any course of action other than (1) more filtration, (2) faster processing speed or (3) get out of our playground and totally quit computing to any of the old-school guys. I dare say you will get not one but several 25-50 K-byte or larger messages explaining the error of your ways. PAT]
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