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> I believe my 'voice line' is being tapped [the line feeds through the > 'opponents' switchboard]. > How difficult is it for them to 'decode' my modem [to ISP] traffic ? > I'm guessing/hoping that my modem has to 'synchronise' with the ISP's > in analog mode, so it's difficult for a '3rd' party to listen ? > Is this right ? > Thanks for any info.

Short answer: "it depends".

With old 'Bell 103" type modems, 'copying' the line communication was comparatively trivial with nothing more than an off-the-shelf modem.

With 'Bell 202' type stuff, it was even simpler -- they worked that way automatically.

Bell 212 type stuff required some _very_ minor hardware tweaking to turn an off-the-shelf unit into a 'tap'.

Above 2400 baud, you need some "somewhat specialized" equipment. Nothing terribly exotic, but you have to know 'where to look'. Generally impractical to modify 'retail, off-the-shelf' modems to the purpose.

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