Re: What if People Don't Take the Bait to Go Paperless? [Telecom]

[ snip... regarding e-bills and web site retrieval ]

> Canada Post has been offering something similar for a number of

>> years now.
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And you can store >> the bills for up to seven years which is the length of time the Cdn >> tax authorities want you to keep documents. So, if you are being >> audited, then you could likely give the tax folks your account and >> password so they could check the bills themselves. > "Risks Digest", a periodic compilation of, well, Risks in computing > and related endeavors, has had many a reference to the problems people > have in getting this information. > > Typical issue: you move your phone service to a different provider and > the first one closes your account. Can you still get that info? Guess > what the answer usually is... > > Same, by the way, with banks.

When I closed an account with a bank they told me I'd better get my account history off their web site before I did because it would be gone after I closed my account. Just what you said.

Wes Leatherock

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