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|***** Moderator's Note ***** | |This subject has repercussions that go _way_ beyond spam. Before I |give my email address to _any_ company, I always check to be sure I'm |not agreeing to receive "official" notices from them, because some |firms like to send notices of changes to their privacy policy, terms |and conditions, security policy, etc., via email.

Don't forget the part where they tell you that their "good faith" attempt to send the notice to your email address implies your constructive receipt.

On a vaguely related note, I was a bit confused by a recent notice from Wamu aka Chase bank. It said that they would be sending me check images (unless as they prefer they could send me nothing) which are apparently not Check21 legal substitute checks. It went on to say that I agree that these images will be sufficient to determine whether the checks are legitimate. Now of course they will be sufficient for _me_ to determine if they are legitimate since I will know whether I wrote the check in the first place. But I don't think that is what they mean. This seems to be an end-run around Check21's requirements (which were already very generous to the banks).

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I became a WaMu customer in the first place because they were the only bank still willing to enclose checks in the statement without charge.

On many, but not all, check writing accounts, Chase still offers the option of check enclosure, although there may be fees, which may be waived based on a combination of balances, or if you have your mortgage with them or one of their credit cards.

Make a fuss about it. The best way to preserve one's legal rights is to have the cancelled check enclosed in the statement.

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