Re: Vonage Changes 911 to Opt-Out

Could someone put a brief explanation of :



[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: 'OPT' means 'optional', and it is the opposite of 'default', or the way 'things would normally happen'. In the context of this thread, Vonage has not been normally providing a working 911 service. To obtain 911 you have to make an effort to get it, by notifying the carrier. That would be 'OPT-IN' or ask to be included in whatever the program is.

OPT-OUT (or option-out) is when the 'default' (or the way things normally happen) is to include you, but you do not want the default to happen, you want to option yourself out of the program or event being offered. Again, in the context of this thread, Vonage intends within ninety days -- probably due to recent government fiat -- to change their default (the way things normally happen) to be valid 911 service for everyone. If you do not want what will be the new norm, of emergency phone service, you will have to take action to be excluded (Opt out) rather than before when you had to 'Opt in' to use the emergency program. PAT]

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