Re: Vonage Changes 911 to Opt-Out

>> Maybe for now we should only mandate that anyone who dials 911 from

>> a VoIP phone [which does not provide 911 service] should be given >> an announement to the effect "use your cell phone to make this call!". > Not a bad idea ...

Vonage already does this -- If you don't have 911 enabled in your account you get a message that says something like "Stop! You cannot use this phone to dial 911. Please hang up and use another phone"

Which isn't technically true, I just did use the ph> This solution is *exactly* what PBX admins have to do when they move

hard-wired phones behind their PBX. It is in real-world use today. > It works. > If you want to be your own phone service provider, there are > responsibilities that go along with that task. > Doing VoIP *does* mean that you are the 'last mile' phone service > provider -- The VoIP provider is providing the 'port' on the switch, > at their premises. It is *your* responsibility to provide the > connection to that point.

And therein lies the problem. People are afraid of taking responsibility for their own actions, and they need someone to blame when life doesn't work out the way they planned.

Blaming the VoIP carrier because they forgot to inform the carrier when they moved is a perfect example.

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