Re: Verizon's FiOS TV Service Takes Off in Texas

I use Fios and it is AWESOME! 15MB to the internet; you can't beat a

> clean fiber connection to the internet. They recently announced you > will be able to get "cable" or basically 180 digital channels.

Uh -- we've had 15MB connections to the net for the last year. And it isn't Verizon FIOS -- it's Cox over coaxial.

They are basically doing the monopoloy thing again, they are running > the fiber right to the house! We can get our phone, internet and now > 180 cable tv channels through them! > It beats cable hands down. Speeds are tremendous and no slow downs > during the week!

Luckily Cox totally rebuilt most of Rhode Island some years ago. All the backbones are completely fiber. At my office we use both their fiber and coaxial products.

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