Re: Verizon's FiOS TV Service Takes Off in Texas

May I ask how does the FIOS TV service in Texas compare in coat and quality to the Dish Network or equivalent? Here in northern Virginia, we have FIOS local telephone (not VOIP, though that may be available, and I'm thinking about it to save $$$) and internet service, and I'm happy with it, at $30 per month (for the internet, plus $30 plus a shitload of taxes and "fees" for unlimited legacy local telephone)) for the first year, and a $50 rebate which I just received. No problems to date in the 3 months since installation, and that includes weathering two snowstorms and one brief power failure.

So far Verizon hasn't offered TV yet, but I would consider switching if it was competitive. We pay about $50 or $60 per month for Dish Network, which is the basic+whatever-makes-the-rest-of-family-happy package.


Mike Springfield VA

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>>> I use Fios and it is AWESOME! 15MB to the internet; ...
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