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Following up on the story about the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) which Verizon obtained against Cablevision, I contacted Lisa Anselmo, a Vice-Presiden at Cablevision, and asked her the questions shown below. Ms. Anselmo responded by sending two press releases, which I've copied to the telecom Digest server at the URL's shown below.

The press releases don't answer /all/ my questions, but they're interesting reading nonetheless: I'm not sure if this spat between Verizon and Cablevision is the result of a geek tennis match, an overly creative ad agency, or an actual difference in performance between FiOS and Cable.

I haven't seen the ads that Verizon is miffed about(1), but Cablevision's Press Statements make it clear that the company is treating Verizon's claims very seriously, and I wonder if Cablevision feels like they've got to fight Verizon's marketing juggernaut more than its technical capabilities.

I welcome the readers' opinions.

Bill Horne Moderator

1.) If anyone knows where those ads are available for viewing, *please* tell me. The N.Y. Post reporter who broke the story described them as "hilarious".

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Attached please find our statements which should address your questions. Thank you.

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Ms. Anselmo,

I spoke with your secretary Maria, and she asked me to send my questions in via email.

I'm writing a story on the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) that Verizon has obtained against Cablevision regarding ads which your firm has been running, and which Verizon claims are deceptive. Please answer these questions for me, and let me thank you in advance for your time.

  1. What is Cablevision's response to the TRO?

  1. Has Cablevision applied for any TRO against Verizon in the past? What relief did Cablevision seek?

  2. Are any independent speed and throughput tests available for locales which are served by both your firm and Verizon?

  1. How much would a homeowner pay for Cablevision Internet and/or telephone Service if she bought a home in an area of Long Island that is served by both Verizon and Cablevision today?

  2. Are the ads available to watch online? If so, where?

Thanks again: I appreciate your help.

Bill Horne

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