FCC deals blow to broadcasters with changes to exclusivity rules [telecom]

[Poster's comment: The following post is about cable TV, not telephony. I offer it to T-D at this time in view of (a) the long history of T-D discussions about cable TV dating back at least 20 years; (b) the belief that some T-D readers are interested in cable TV; and (c) the firm belief that cable TV *is* a form of telecommunications.]

By Andrew Berg, CED, 08/13/2015

The FCC is hoping to protect consumers from blackouts that result from retransmission disputes between pay TV providers and broadcasters.

In a blog post, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said he's in the process of circulating an order that would allow pay TV providers to import a signal from an out-of-market station should a local broadcaster pull its programming due to contract disagreements.

"In this item, the Commission takes its thumb off the scales and leaves the scope of such exclusivity to be decided by the parties, as we did in the Sports Blackout Order last year," Wheeler wrote in a blog posted on the FCC's website. "In so doing, the Commission would take 50-year old rules off our books that have been rendered unnecessary by today's marketplace."

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