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I too have received the 215 area code number on my cell phone. I

> Googled and found your site. Will the *67 work with callers who have > their numbers blocked and those calls that show up as UnKnown?


Someone used to have the home number I currently have and I'm getting > call after call ...

You probably should demand a new phone number at no charge. I had that problem years ago upon receiving a new phone (receiving obscene calls late at night on the first night I got the line) and the phone co, after some pressure from me, changed the number. This is especially important on a cell phone where you have limited minutes and must pay as you go.

I can see this being a big problem on cell phones as people are more likely to "dispose" of them than their home landline phone. For example, a father might pull the plug on a teenager's line for a while. That means the numbers will get used much more frequently. I would not want a cell phone number previously assigned to a teenager.

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Since you are getting many calls for an old number it wouldn't pay to track each one down. In some cases old numbers are reassigned too quickly. One way to avoid that problem is to request a number in a new exchange, or better still, a new area code which your area might have.

If you are getting repeated abusive anonymous calls, there is Call Trace. *57 (1157 for rotary users). This cannot be blocked. The phone company gets the number in a special unit. You may have to pay a fee for this. For repeated abuse calls, the phone company or police will deal with it.

Pat mentioned some other *dial options to screen calls, but note usage varies in some areas and there may be a fee to use them.

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