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> Not surprising -- you're reporting to the *WRONG* place. The phone

>> company is -not- responsible for enforcing the TCPA. >I must strongly disagree with the statement "reporting to the wrong place". >That is for reporting harassment calls. I'm being harrassed. Sure

sounds to me like the right place.

Technically, it is one of the right places. If these calls are coming from different telemarketers, you're not going to get very far with this.

I was getting obscene calls from someone who got my number out of a newspaper ad (when I was advertising for someone to share an apartment with me) while I was living in Washington. After three calls, they put a trap on my line. But nothing ever happened about it. The phone company didn't take it seriously. And they told me that all they would do was send a hot, stinging letter to the caller about it. Do you think that is going to stop someone who is sexually deviant enough to be making calls like this? Caller ID is your best defense. And turn on the option to reject callers that block their numbers (but it wasn't readily available or well implemented at the time this happened).

So I wouldn't hold out for help from the phone company. Most of them are really not interested in helping you with this.

Just in case you didn't already know about this, you should put your number on the National Do Not Call list

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The real solution should ideally be the FTC in your case. You can make online complaints with them if you know who the caller is.

They are not going to jump every time someone makes a complaint. However, if they get enough complaints against a particaulr telemarketer, they will take action against them.

Good luck.


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