Re: Touch Tone vs. Rotary -- Desk vs. Wall Sets?

P.S. While we're on the subject, would anyone know what percentage of

> lines are still served by exclusively dial equipment? I don't think > they charge a premium for TT anymore. Also, many people have some old > rotary sets still in service (like me) even if their primary sets are > TT.

Over here in the U.K. we didn't get TouchTone until the 1980s, but there was never any premium and it was made available on all lines automatically as soon as the C.O. equipment could handle it.

All lines will still accept rotary/pulse dialing, at least regular "old fashioned" lines (some cable services might not). In fact the automated BT line test function still includes dial-tests for both1 DTMF and pulse.

I still have rotary phones in service around the house, both Western Electric 500s and the old GPO 706 (nearest British equivalent of the WECo 500).


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