Re: Telegram in TV Show 1984; Payphone in TV Show 2006

TV Land has been running old episodes of the show "Benson". In one

> episode, they received a telegram announcing an award winner. > I was surprised they'd still use mention of a telegram that late; by > then telegrams were virtually obsolete. For the scene's dramatic > effect, it was necessary to have the message in a sealed envelope and > be something special as opposed to the regular mail. > As an aside, in an I Love Lucy episode, Lucy received a telegram from > a fancy women's group she sought to join. That was interesting since > it was a local group and I'd think a plain letter or phone call would > do. I wouldn't think telegrams would be used for local in-city > messages after the war, but maybe they were.)

The start of all the headaches for the main character in "North by Northwest", 1959 depended on a telegram scene. He wanted to get in touch with his mother who had just moved and didn't yet have her phone installed.

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