Re: [telecom] T-Mobile USA - IPv6 available?

According to the info at a page called "Case Study: T-Mobile US Goes IPv6-only Using 464XLAT" -

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... I think T-Mobile has gone IPv6-only.

If anyone can confirm or deny, please do so.

Bill Horne

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Bill Horne
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4G and 5G wireless technologies are inherently IPv6-based. What I think the OP actually wanted to know was whether T-Mobile gives customers are globally routable IPv6 address, or a local IPb6 address that is then squeezed through a "carrier grade NAT" to talk IPv4 with the rest of the world. On Verizon, I have a globally routable IPv6 address (2600:1000::/28, assigned to Verizon), but my IPv4 address is from the dedicated "CGNAT" private network, On some other carriers, however, both protocols use private networks.

(On a relatively recent Android phone, you can see your v4 and v6 addresses by opening the Settings app, selecting "About phone" and then "Status". On any device, you can test your actual IPv6 connectivity using a free web site like


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Garrett Wollman

Am 09.01.2023 um 23:46:24 Uhr schrieb Bill Horne:

That is good news. I also see that this happened in 2014 according to the article.

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