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Then I'm trying to visit my brother at his new house in an

> unfamiliar city. I dial his number in with a wrong digit while I'm > driving. (Yes, I know I shouldn't and I seldom use the phone while > driving. I'm pretty sure I was at a red light. Does that satisfy > you?) > Call goes to voice mail and I realize it's not my brothers phone. > So at the next red light I re-enter my brothers phone number. While > I'm doing that the person at the wrong number phones me and ask if I > called her. I'm thinking to myself "You just cost me $0.55 on my > prepaid cell phone to prove you're an @#$%$ idiot." $0.30 per > minute network useage and $0.35 long distance. I politely told her > that I had called a wrong number and hung up. I do wish that cell > phones had a slaml-the-handset noise feature though.

Let me get this: You dialed a wrong number (while driving.) The person who you called calls you back to inquire what you wanted by calling them. Then *you* are mad because they cost you money by calling you back.

I'm trying to understand who's at fault here. Is it the person who dialed the wrong number or the person who called the wrong number caller back?

It seems to me the courteous thing to do would be to explain that you called the number in error, [which you did,] and let it go at that.

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