Re: Telecom Scam

Eric Shoaf wrote:

>> I just received this today. I called to see what the deal was. They >> required that I made over 50k, I bring my spouse to an office at 1250 >> 22nd Street NW, DC with two forms of ID. No Children. I would have to >> set through a 90 minute presentation. I felt this might be a scam, so >> I did a search on the phone number that I called on the internet and >> found Telecom Digest. > The address they gave you is for an Embassy Suites hotel (it's across > the street from my office, in fact), not an office building. Total > scam.

Well, a lot of these guys give presentations in rented hotel conference rooms.

Many of these program ARE scams, it's true, but just because they are using a hotel conference room doesn't mean they necessarily are one.


"C'est un Nagra. C'est suisse, et tres, tres precis."

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: But we know for a fact that this one is a scam. PAT]
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