Re: Should Kids Have Cell Phones in School?

Should kids be even allowed to bring a phone into the building? If

> so, should it be allowed with them? > I am curious as to what other people think of this issue. It is > presently controversial. > Generally speaking I don't think kids "need" cell phones; for a kid > they're generally a luxury rather than a need. > I don't buy the argument that parents need to be able to reach their > kids "since 9/11". "9/11" was a once in a lifetime event. Other > disasters, natural or man-created can of course happen, but they are > rare, too.

I, for one, agree that no school child needs a cell phone. But then I'm an old guy. I don't think they need helmets when riding a bicycle either.

Schools just need to ban cell phones.

However, the argument that pay phones are no longer available is > unfortunately valid in most places. I've seen lots of places where > pay phones were pulled (like the local public library). School kids > tell me they were pulled in school as a result of prank call abuse. > I don't like the idea that middle school age kids are so interdependent > on the outside world that they need cells phones to deal with it. > Parents should be available for their kids directly, not over the > phone; I don't like parents using the phone as a crutch as too many > do. Kids tell mom "I'm at the library" when in reality they're > somewhere they shouldn't be. > Some companies (including Disney) are advertising GPS/monitoring phones > for their kids. I don't like the idea of parents becoming "Big > Brother" either, that makes me really uncomfortable. It's like saying > to the kids "Oh, we trust you. Well, actually we don't trust you." I > was a goody-goody growing up, but I'd resent as hell secret attempts by > my parents to monitor my whereabouts. I think the first thing I'd do > would be to figure out how to defeat the tracking. > > Unfortunately today high school kids have much more adult > responsibilities than in our day. Having a cell phone is almost a > necessity. High school age kids today work after school. They have > varied after school activities. They have no public transit and are > dependent on the car. They have split parents who both work. > Any thoughts? > [public replies, please]
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