Re: Should Kids Have Cell Phones in School?

Steven J. Sobol wrote:

>> We just got a phone for our teenage girl. It's great because it offers >> safety and convenience. >> But she'd better not ever have it turned on during school. > Hel-lo! > (1) Parents say 'Don't ever do that!' > (2) At the very first opportunity, teenager does 'that'.

Indeed, which is why I've never told her "don't use your cellphone at school." ;)

Actually, she's a good kid, and has high aspirati> Just out of curiosity for discussion purposes, how does it offer > "safety"?

She doesn't go anywhere without parental supervision right now, from us or her friends' parents.

As she becomes more autonomous, the safety issue will come into play.

For myself, I got one primarily in the case my car breaks down. If > your daughter is driving, then that is a reason, especially nowadays > with few pay phones out there. (However, in ten years I have yet to > use the cellphone for that purpose.)

She's only 14, but yes, that was one of the reasons I was thinking of, along with other situations where she will not have parental supervision.

Yes, right now it's 99.9% convenience and 0.1% safety. :)

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