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The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that U.S. senators blasted

> Comcast, AT&T, Charter Communications, and Dish Network over > millions of dollars in pay-TV billing overcharges, promotional > pricing, bill haggling, and other loathed customer-service > practices during a hearing on Thursday that included officials > of those companies. The hearing aired the findings of > the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, which > reviewed 93,000 documents and spoke with dozens of company > executives over the last 13 months. Senators said the > companies should simplify bills, be more transparent, > and refund overcharges. > > For full article please see: >

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Perhaps they should "simplify" their bills by listing the wholesale license/retrans fee for every channel carried in the basic tier. Identify each channel by its true owner, and, where applicable, specify that the owner requires carriage of that channel as part of a retrans agreement for permission to carry station XXXX-TV.

Then state the section of federal law that allows the broadcast station owners to bundle their channels. List the various acts that have been introduced into Congress (Eshoo, Rockefeller-Thune, etc.) to try to break up this monopoly, and note the committee members that "reviewed" the bill.

Then list the email addresses and phone numbers of said committee members.

This wouldn't "simplify" the bills but it would certainly make them more "transparent".

Neal McLain

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