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Haven't gotten clear answers yet from the NG on a

> couple of very fundamental questions re satellite radio technology > (Sirius or XM) so I'll venture to ask them here: > 1) If I purchase a subscription to one of these, does that mean _one_ > activated receiver per subscription? (Or can I be using one receiver > say on the freeway and my family be using a couple of others at > different locations in the house, on one basic monthly subscription.)

I have the XM system and that's what it means. One receiver per activation. You get a discount on the multiple activations, but each s/n has a service.

2) Same question, but if I have one subscription and one activated > receiver, can I pull multiple stations (or channels?) out of that > receiver (using multiple "tuners" or "decoders" or whatever they're > called) and feed these different audio signals into different rooms or > headphones or audio channels?

Not yet, but I either dreamed or they are close to a unit for commercial use that has multiple tuners in one frame.

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