Re: Sabotage attacks knock out phone service [Telecom]

> > How many "geeks" these days know what a SWR is let alone what to do about > > it? So many who are called "technicians" these days seem to be the modern > > equivalent of "Valve jockeys" (or probably "Tube jockeys" to most of you > > in Nth. America), who know little except to replace modules until things > > start to work again. > > > > Are the fundamentals of electronics and communications systems being > > taught any more, or is it just CCNA/MSIE qualifications being churned > > out to those who learn how to pass the exams? > > > > Ham radio in the USA is still mostly an "old gray haired guys" realm. > If you find younger people in the hobby they have usually been nudged > into it by ham family members. Sometimes you can spark a flame of > interest with a group of Boy Scouts. > > The electronics aspects for fun went out for most people once > components got so small they require special handling, tweezers, lots > of magnification, special solder stations, etc. > > A lot of guys leave that level to the pros but love to tweak and play > with antenna design and aspects that can be seen and handled with > normal hands. > > > Steve > N2UBP

I don't know. There's still a lot of interest in electronics in general. But most of it is building upon microprocessor elements. I've done SMD soldering, not that difficult with a fine tipped iron. And the trick is to pre-tin the contact points.

A magnifier, solder paste and a cheapy electric skillet work fine for re-flow work.

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