Re: Sabotage attacks knock out phone service [Telecom]

Gee, all these billions upon billions of dollars spent on "security"

> around the world each year and still there are ways to bring western > civilization to its knees with little effort.

No such thing happened.

Before western civilization is truly brought to its knees, there will have been used LOTS of explosives and radiation.

The telecom sabotage wasn't some kid with an axe simply whacking a riser cable on a pole. It was performed in the UNDERGROUND, cutting apparently only fiber optic cable. The perpetrator obviously knew what he was doing and where to do it.

This was no small project: Opening four (?) manholes, descending with light and tools sufficient to ensure proper cable ID for greatest effect, cutting the cables then ascending and closing the holes.

I doubt if it was done by ONE person.

AT&T's contract with the local union had expired. I will be surprised if this doesn't turn out to be an "inside" job and the perpetrators brought to justice. Surely someone drove down that road during the time the deed was done. Telcos rarely place duct lines down truly deserted roads.

Better hope those terrorist type people don't figure out that they > could cripple a country's economy (in the short-term, at least) with a > well co-ordinated attack on these innumerable easy targets.

Too late. Different terrorists already did that in 2001.

What *I* really want to know is if the cable cutters tested, purged and ventilated the vaults during this act.

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